Delirium - Lauren Oliver
This was a beautiful book. At the beginning, I wasn't too sure about the writing, but it won me over. It's beautiful prose with lovely images. I think this novel's greatest strength is its very real and engaging voice. The plot is SO similar to other books in its genre (especially the Uglies series) but Lena's voice really struck a chord with me and made this stand out. She's so human, everything she says and every action she does is absolutely human and flawed and beautiful and something I could absolutely see someone doing in real life. She's easy to relate to and sympathize with (and become frustrated with because her flaws aren't something just listed and to be regarded as "cute" or "charming" like other authors try to portray). Lena's connection with her mother, also, was very real, as was her relationship with Grace and Hana. Those relationships are rich, realistic, and gorgeously written. I look forward to reading the next installment!