City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare
I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed the first three books in this series.

Unfortunately, it's painfully obvious that the Mortal Instruments was meant just to be a trilogy. I think I can safely say the plot of this book is a desperate search to find a plot.

Not to mention Jace and Clary's relationship began to sicken me. Literally. They fell into a (never-ending) pattern of EXTREME INTIMACY and professes of love, then OHMIGUH I DON'T DESERVE YOU. Jace turned into this mopey thing for almost the entire book. Their characters became lackluster, nothing inside except for the most powerful, with-the-power-of-all-the-angels-that-could-burn-the-earth-with-this-kind-of-passionate "love" for each other (her words I believe? I'm exaggerating and being crabby; I'm sorry).

There's just so much someone can take of love being tested and tested with the same results. Not to mention this whole book was basically about the characters' romances with each other; and not even particularly engaging romances either.

The ending made me groan and laugh at the same time (in a bad way). I'm going to read the next two, not because I'm hoping for something better, but because I want to see what Clare could POSSIBLY do with two more books.

Yeah, I said all these harsh words and yet I still gave it three stars. It's really not the worst book I've ever read, and it didn't make me want to quit at any point, so that's something I have to give it credit for.