The Monstrumologist - Rick Yancey
Holy crap, was this book dark and scary.

I suppose I've never had the stomach for horror, but this is the first YA book (even of those that proclaim themselves to be in the horror genre) that's haunted me after I closed the covers. I actually shouted out loud during some parts and had to stop to regain my calm.

And of course, I just had to read this at night, too. I really make the smartest decisions.

Overall, I really, really liked The Monstrumologist, despite that the adjective-bogged down descriptions removed me from the scene PLENTY times during each chapter. (almost once every page--seriously, this book is completely stuffed full of adjectives and almost unnecessary descriptors.) The highlight of this book is most certainly the difficult-to-make-out, sometimes touching, sometimes troublesome relationship between the Monstrumologist himself and the young main protag: Will Henry. Yancey does an excellent job at getting a confused reaction out of me regarding Pellinore, the Monstrumologist. For most of the time I was certain I disliked most of him, and then he turns around and does something that makes me want to kiss him and rethink my opinion. And then seconds later, I'm positive he's only a horrible, selfish thing. In the end, it turns out I simultaneously love and judge him, and that's what makes him so DARN interesting. A more complex and thought-out character I've rarely read in YA fiction.

Definitely excited to get my hands on the second installment.