The Shape of Water - Anne Spollen
This book was an interesting find for me. I was wandering the library, and I don't know what compelled me to pull this random black spine from the shelf, but when I did the cover just captivated me. Seriously, take a good look at that cover. It's freaking gorgeous (although, I have to admit what made me take this lovely home was the fact that the protagonist's name is Magda . . .).

Okay, so firstly, there's no mistaking that this book deals with water themes. Every other sentence has some simile or metaphor relating to water. Which is beautiful for a while, and then starts to get tedious. But don't get me wrong, Spollen's writing is lyrical, gorgeous, and can create some fantastical images. I don't think I've read anything that has so many beautiful lines. Just . . . the water thing can get a little overused.

This book, though, was beautiful. It got me sympathizing with an arsonist, of all people (with such great symbolism, too). The book bordered on surrealistic at times, too--with the fish family moving into Magda's head--, but never fully went over-the-top. Three-fourths of the way through, though, things started to drag, what with Magda's character seemingly not developing and her trudging through the same ruts where she didn't care about anybody or anything that I almost didn't want to continue reading. I'm really glad I did. The ending really wrapped things up in a wonderful, almost sad way. It was in the last few pages, and I wished it had started earlier on in the book, but there was closure with her decision to move forward with her life, and I was satisfied.

It's really like nothing that I've personally read before, so it was really refreshing, to be honest, although I'm not sure that I'd read it again . . .