Among the Impostors - Margaret Peterson Haddix
This series continues to surprise me. As the plot presents itself, Luke being sent to a boarding school under the fake name of Lee Grant and facing the loneliness, the complete change of his life, it seems fairly straight-forward. It seems predictable. It seems like nothing really extraordinary.

But dang, this little book is filled with 100+ surprises and plot twists that aren't over-the-top or fake. Thank goodness I've got the next with me because these books are also pretty addicting.

Loved the change in Luke's character, how he grew, how he learned, how he seized opportunities he would've shrunk away from in the first installment. I loved the constant homage to Jen, how everyone began making her out as some sort of martyr, and that she wasn't forgotten for even a moment. It was so sweet.

For such little books, these books pack a serious punch and are quite mature and serious, despite the targeted audience and that audience's usual sugar-coated fare. Loving it so much!