Larkstorm - Dawn Rae Miller
Uffda, this book is a mess.

Where is the plot? Halfway through, I thought, finally the plot's going to become clear, but then the book kept going, and I still didn't know the story's main focus. Lark finding a way to be with Beck? Lark trying to learn magic? Light and Dark witches and their drama? What's the plot? Everything is so jumbled together, and yet more plot points and conflicts keep being added! I basically was left to conclude that there was no plot, just a series of revelations.

The first half and the second half of the book seemed like two entirely different stories. The first: a mishmash of different dystopias thrown together for who-knows-why, especially because it never planned to do anything about it, or deal with any of the issues the dystopian society presents (criminals being branded as "Sensitives" and being forced to do menial jobs, while Sensitives infiltrate the State, etc. etc. etc.). The second: a very clichéd Dark vs Light story overflowing with melodrama (Lark and Beck needing each other while everyone tries to keep them apart, a good, ol' classic bully figure who no one else seems to notice, Lark internally screaming, "I'm EVIL" multiple times every scene, etc. etc.).

Each chapter in the second half is 3/4 story time. History lessons or new things Lark didn't know that everyone else seems to know, and none of it is fascinating; it just makes the story more and more cliché: Dark witches are evil destroyers! Light witches are creators and draw on love, happiness.

Sure, it could just be me, but the story rubbed me the wrong way.